What can DDP Yoga do for you?

Watch the video of Arthur Boorman's incredible journey to walk again, and you'll understand why thousands of others have been inspired to change their lives with DDP YOGA.
It may be the most inspiring 5 minutes you've ever seen.

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Arthur Lost 140 Pounds in 10 Months

Arthur's amazing journey has been seen by more than 8 million people on youtube as well as on The Doctors TV show, Good Morning America, Today and others. Arthur at one time thought that his disabilities were permanent and he was looking for a way to releive the pain. Instead he found DDP Yoga and reclaimed his life!

"If you're reading this, and you're wondering if you should try DDP Yoga, don't wonder. DO IT! DO IT NOW! OWN YOUR LIFE!"

Stacy Lost 185 Pounds in 18 Months

At 345 pounds and spending a lifetime with yo-yo dieting Stacy found Terri's story and was inspired to try DDP Yoga. She completely changed what she ate, how she lived and the way that she thought about herself. She went from avoiding life to living it. To celebrate her 100 pound loss she celebrated by checking off an entry on her bucket list; she ran her first marathon.

"I’m living proof that deep and profound change is possible. Truly, it has been worth every ounce of sweat. Thank You DDP. I have a new life because of you."

Doug Lost 100 Pounds in 9 Months

After meeting Dallas Page at a FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Iraq where he tried DDP Yoga for the first time, Doug realized that he had found a way to reclaim his life. After 16 surgeries his body was more than beat up. Over the years Doug has done just that and spends much of his time now "paying it forward" mentoring new people on TeamDDPYoga.com and earning the monicker "Monster Motivator".

" Thanks to DDP Yoga I have proved that I am no longer "that guy" and anything truly is possible. "

Terri Lost 64 Pounds in 6 Months

Terri is considered the "Godmother" of DDP Yoga. As a friend of Dallas' she was one of the first people to ever try the program and even appeared in many of the videos! She started at 50 years young and now at 60 hasn't slowed down at all. That's right, she's been doing DDP Yoga for 10 years! 

"DDP Yoga is not just an exercise video but a way of living my life"

Jake Lost 60 Pounds in 2 Months

Wrestling legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts has begun his own journey in reclaiming his life. The decades of wrestling and years of alcohol and drug abuse have taken a great toll on his body, mind and spirit. Being Dallas Page's mentor it was a natural for DDP to reach in and help and finally, Jake was ready. Jake's story is part of the upcoming documentary "It's never too late."

"I'll admit I was a skeptic... YOGA? I'm glad DDP made me try DDP YOGA because it has changed my life. Not only has it given me by mobility and strength back... I have lost 60 pounds with DDP YOGA and I'm not finished yet."

Are you ready to Own Your Life?

The first step is right here! DDP YOGA is the fitness system that thousands of real people have used to transform their bodies and minds - and now you can, too!

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Order for 1 Payment of $79.95!

Order for 3 Payments of $29.95! or take a tour
DDP Yoga

 What You Get

  • 8 Complete Workouts

    Designed to build core strength, increase flexibility with minimal joint impact.

  • DDP Yoga Program Guide

    A detailed workout plan, 3-phase nutrition guide and a personal journal to help keep you on track.

  • The DDP YOGA Diamond Dozen Workout Chart

    A poster-size reference chart of DDP Yoga's core moves.

  • 24/7 Support

    Access to an online community offering tips, support, and inspiration from real people who are transforming their lives.

3 Bonus Workouts

A $60 value, you get three additional workouts on a fourth DVD: Double Black Diamond, a challenge even for experts; Red Hot Core, a 10-minute abdominal blast that you can add to the end of any DDPYoga workout; and Mix Tape, a compilation of DDP’s favorite moves.


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DDP YogaAppleFrequently Asked Questions

What is DDP Yoga?
DDP YOGA is a hybrid workout that incorporates yoga positions with calisthenics, rehabilitation techniques, dynamic resistance exercises and active breathing techniques for a more challenging and results-oriented workout with minimal impact.

Designed by World Championship Wrestling’s three-time Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page, DDP YOGA looks and feels different from traditional forms of yoga practice; Dallas’s high-energy, no-holds-barred approach to instruction is more military drill than serene series of poses; and while yoga practitioners will see some familiar poses, they are not called by
their Sanskrit names, and may be combined with Page’s hallmark “Hulk It Up” finishing maneuver as a means of creating fully engaged muscular contractions.

What is Dynamic Resistance?
DDP YOGA employs a technique called Dynamic Resistance to increase effectiveness. Dynamic resistance refers to any exercise in which a muscular contraction is made without requiring any weights or equipment; movements are similar to those performed when lifting weights, but without dumbbells or barbells. By engaging and using the body’s muscles through concentric and eccentric movements, individuals will not only develop muscular strength, but also get an amazing cardio workout, by elevating the heart’s rate to a level that burns fat efficiently and effectively.

What are the benefits of DDP Yoga?
A devoted DDP YOGA practitioner can expect to realize the following within a few weeks:
Body fat loss
Lean muscle growth
Increased flexibility
Increased core strength
Improved cardio levels
Reduced joint stress
Pain reduction from previous injuries
Decreased likelihood of future injury

Who can do DDP Yoga?
Anyone can do DDP YOGA! The workout regimen and nutrition program is currently used by professional football players, professional and amateur wrestlers, MMA fighters, and regular people who want to see life-changing results and improve their quality of their lives.

Diamond Dallas PageWrestling legend and creator of DDP Yoga

AppleSuperstar wrestler-turned-fitness expert Diamond Dallas Page has created a revolutionary exercise system that is helping people from all walks of life achieve their fitness goals.

At age 40, Dallas was riding high as a WCW superstar until he was sidelined by a career-threatening injury: ruptured L4 and L5 spinal discs.

He worked with world-class trainers, physical therapists, nutritionists and physicians to formulate a hybrid of many natural healing modalities which brought him back to the ring and into the best shape of his life. His exercise regimen, DDP Yoga, is the product of his work with these health professionals.

Dallas is now retired from the wrestling ring, but has made it his mission to help people from all walks of life by introducing the world to his workouts. “When I started doing this, I wasn’t gonna be the guy who was at the front of a group of people chanting and talking in a hushed voice. You can believe me when I say that this is yoga with attitude! I bring energy, fun and some rock-and-roll music to the party.

Now, you can join the thousands of people who are enjoying DDP Yoga as they get into the best shape of their lives!

Customer SupportApple

Upon ordering online or by phone, please allow 8-12 business days to receive your order. For problems with your order, call (559) 933-7123 or visit www.ddpyoga.com/support to create a Customer Support ticket.

Individual results vary depending on starting point, age, gender and lifestyle factors. Overweight individuals may experience an average weight loss of 1-3 pounds/week when using DDP YOGA 4-6 times per week and following a nutrition program.

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

DDP Yoga has become the non-official workout of the WWE and TNA with many stars using it to not only rehab injuries but also to avoid them. The word is spreading as more and more celebrities are jumping on board!

Yes! Start My Transformation!

Order for 1 Payment of $79.95!

Order for 3 Payments of $29.95!
DDP Yoga


  • Gabriel IglesiasComedian

    ""This is the reason why I'm 90 pounds lighter!"

  • Chris Jericho WWE Superstar

    "DDP YOGA has truly changed my life and it took away all of the back pain that I had. It really was a miracle for me. I can do DDP YOGA in my hotel, on my tour bus... I can do it ANYWHERE."

  • Ralphie May Comedian

    "That's what's great about doing DDP Yoga, you can do it at home and it's not with stinky people. You'll fall down, get up you'll feel great and if you follow the program you'll lose weight, promise."

  • Jake "The Snake" RobertsWrestling Legend

    "DDP YOGA has healed my body from what I thought was beyond repair. I was a skeptic but now I can honestly say DDP has saved my life with his workout and positive attitude."

  • RybackWWE Superstar

    "Everyday I wake up feeling a little bit better than the last. I feel like a kid again and nagging aches and pains that accumulated from my injury are going away. I'm VERY thankful I added DDP YOGA into my life! — THANKS DDP"

  • Adam "Edge" CopelandWWE Superstar

    "Dallas has been trying to tell me I needed to do DDP YOGA for years. Finally I listened. My flexibility, at 2 months removed from spinal fusion surgery, is at a level it hasn't been at since I was 18. Imagine what it can do for you...and I don't plug anything unless I believe it!"

  • Jim MillerMMA Star

    "It’s a great workout; it keeps your heart rate up without beating you up physically and increases your flexibility."

  • Rob Van DamTNA Superstar

    "I recommend DDP YOGA to professional athletes and to anyone who cares about bettering themselves physically."

  • Marc MeroWrestling Legend

    "Where else can you do a high intensity no impact workout where you get your heart rate up...and you don't have any pain?"

  • Al SnowWrestling Legend

    "I do all the workouts all the time. I can do it in my hotel room and don't have to find a gym. It's such a great strength building and endurance workout I absolutely love it."